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Electric trucks and commercial vehicles

We’re accelerating the transition to electric trucks and commercial vehicles. 

Electric trucks and commercial vehicles are here today

This isn’t the future, it’s happening now. We’re making EVs available for fleet operators, and our core focus is on minimising the total cost of ownership.


We’re removing the barrier to entry for corporate fleets, SME logistics operators, local authorities and specialist construction vehicles.

“There is a growing consensus that the future of trucking will be overwhelmingly electric.”

Finance options to suit your needs

We make it easy to switch to electric. We’re backed by leading banks and financial institutions, and our finance products provide a range of risk-free options. These include hire purchase and leasing options for vehicles, charging infrastructure and batteries. As well as a clear view on residual values.


In the UK, Australia and New Zealand we are market leaders – because we work closely with our customers to understand their situation. Each operator we have worked with has their own starting point and fleet requirements – this forms the basis for helping them electrify.

Trial the technology for best practice

Concerned about fleet running costs? Or that an electric depot’s demand might exceed local power constraints?


Switching to electric means a shifting to a new operational model. That’s why we offer trials alongside leading vehicle OEMs.


Try before you make the commitment: an electric truck trial arms you with the practical insight – and the data – to understand what your business needs.

From depot design considerations, to peak power requirement and even your fleet’s driving efficiency, trials help you make an informed switch to electric.


electrification projects

c. 1,000

electric vehicles supported


of vehicle batteries financed

The lifetime costs of electrification

That EVs cost more is well known. But comparing like-for-like, there are other, fundamentally different factors to include in a purchasing decision. The price of power, maintenance, and operating differ – and we’re here to guide you.

High upfront costs

As-a-service financing for vehicles and infrastructure

New technology risk

Battery replacement and performance guarantees

Uncertain operational costs

Power purchase agreements and optimisation software

Expensive mistakes

Future-proofed, time-tested plans

Need to know more about the services we offer?

No problem. Fill out our online form, and one of our team will be in touch with information on our hire purchase, leasing, and residual value options.

Case studies

Aertssen, Belgium

Maximising use of renewables to power the business and its fleet of electric forklifts.

• 69MW additional solar energy used per year.


• 1.4MW second-life battery installed on-site.


• Managing energy price volatility and reducing costs.

Aggregate Industries, UK

E-mixer added to the business’ expanding electric vehicle fleet.

• SANY and Putzmeister iONTRON electric eMixer with 350kWh battery.


• Charging infrastructure trial and insights so support electrification plans.


• Electric vehicle serving HS2 construction site.

EV bus chargers inside a National Express depot in Coventry.

National Express Coventry​

Largest single EV fleet transaction as part of the ‘All Electric City’ initiative.

• 130 heavy electric vehicles leading the all-electric city initiative.


• The first ever Electric Transport as a Service (ETaaS) contract in the sector.


• Battery replacement, charging infrastructure, a second-life battery, software and O&M, all for a monthly fee.


Tackling new operational costs

• 69MW additional solar energy used per year


• Battery storage to manage energy price volatility


• Second-life battery to reduce cost and extend life


Aggregate Industries

Overcoming technology risk

• Reviewed electrical capacity and site safety requirement


• Infrastructure for both overnight and opportunity charging


• Software to monitor operational performance and enable scaling


EV bus chargers inside a National Express depot in Coventry.

National Express Coventry​

Electric transport-as-a-service

• 130 heavy electric vehicles leading the all-electric city initiative


• The first ever Electric Transport as a Service (ETaaS) contract in the sector


• On-site solar & second-life battery to optimise power


Smart fleet electrification starts with battery management​


Whether you’re just beginning your fleet electrification journey or it’s well underway, this guide will help you achieve the best outcomes from your fleet’s batteries. Learn: 


-What battery degradation is 

-How it affects fleet batteries 

-How you can reduce your battery risk 

-How to benefit from your batteries’ second lives 

-How battery-as-a-service works 

Meet the team

Ian Dennis
Ian has over 20 years experience providing asset finance and contract hire solutions to clients in the corporate and public sectors. He has previously worked at Lombard, Barclays, Rothschild & Co, and Ryder and is a long-standing member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.
Arron Dowie
Arron brings over 20 years experience providing structured asset finance solutions to a range of clients across Corporate and Investment banking at Barclays and Santander. He has successfully executed over £500m of financing facilities across transportation, utilities, distribution and IT asset classes.
Mark Oxtoby
Mark brings decades of electrical engineering experience to the table, including 5 years of creating future-proofed depots at Zenobē. Mark's focus is on avoiding regret costs and designing efficient, optimised infrastructure.

Our credentials

We’ve been certified in three ISO standards, ensuring we meet internationally recognised standards for information security, quality, and environment protection.

We are corporate members of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK.
We have endorsed the Global MOU on Zero-Emission Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicles, supporting an accelerated path to 100% zero-emission bus and truck sales by 2040.

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Peter Smith

Head of Product

Pete leads Zenobē’s growing team of Product specialists across all areas of the business. His team oversee our R&D as well as product development in both hardware and software.


He has been working in the European E-Mobility sector from over ten years, specialising in the design, build and delivery of software systems for EV Charging.