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Second-life battery supporting Aertssen’s on-site renewables

Zenobe second-life battery for Aertssen

Zenobē partnered with Aertssen to maximise its on-site renewables using a second-life battery.


The Challenge

Renewable power is intermittent by its nature, only generating when the sun shines or the wind blows. For Belgian construction giant Aertssen, having installed 5,500 solar panels at its main office, they wanted to secure their supply of renewable power and manage energy price volatility.


The Solution

By installing the on-site battery, Zenobē is helping Aertssen to store surplus renewable energy generated by their solar panels and manage energy price volatility. The stored energy can be released to power Aertssen’s business operations, including its fleet of electric forklifts. Thanks to the battery the forklifts can run on renewable power at night without the need to buy energy at expensive periods of the day.


With years of experience balancing supply and demand for network operators in the UK, Zenobē is ensuring that Aertssen too can use renewable power more of the time, whilst saving money. Moreover, by redeploying an electric vehicle battery for a second life we’re closing the loop, saving vital materials, value and carbon.


Steven Meersman, Co-founder and Director of Zenobē:

“It marks the first time a second-life bus battery is used in Belgium to store renewable energy on site. It’s also a great demonstration of how EV batteries can be used to support the shift towards a zero-emissions future. We’re proud to be working with Aertssen on this exciting project. It’s an important step forward for Zenobē, Aertssen and for second-life batteries in Belgium.”


Tim Maeyens, Business Development Manager Green Energy for Aertssen:

“Zenobē’s second-life battery ensures that the locally produced green energy is also stored and used locally. This is a step towards making Aertssen’s operations even more sustainable.”

In numbers

tonnes CO2 saved from being emitted over 15 years
second-life battery, upcycled from an electric bus
additional solar energy used per year by Aertssen


Key Results

  • Security of supply – using more renewable power more of the time
  • Managing price volatility & save money: no need to buy back-up energy at expensive times of the day
  • Using solar energy when the sun doesn’t shine

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