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Making clean power accessible in North America with end-to-end fleet electrification solutions, transmission-scale battery storage and second-life battery solutions

Making clean power accessible in North America

We’re on a mission is to make clean power accessible in North America. We’re accelerating the electrification of school bus, transit and increasingly logistics, by making battery electric fleets accessible, optimised and futureproofed. Our innovative transmission-scale battery storage projects are increasing the uptake of renewable energy, decarbonising electricity grids and driving down bills. And our unique second-life battery proposition is ensuring a circular economy for batteries.

Solutions for power and transport

Electric Fleets

End-to-end solutions to fleet electrification, including charging infrastructure, battery replacement and award-winning software.

Network Infrastructure

Large-scale battery storage connected to the electricity grid providing clean, secure and affordable power.

Second-life Batteries

Refurbished batteries providing portable power or on-site static power to maximise clean energy usage.

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Where are our offices?

Our office location may show as New York, but our team are stationed across the US, with hubs in Chicago and Houston too.

Meet the Zenobē North America team

Whether you’re a school transportation director or contractor looking to go electric, a transit depot authority wanting to understand the operational implications of EV charging or a transmission system operator working on cutting edge ways to decarbonize the grid – our team have the expertise to help.

Amit Barnir - Vice President, Network Infrastructure
Amit leads the Network Infrastructure side of the business in North America. He brings experience as Director of New Markets & Energy Storage for Kearsarge Energy, a Boston-based IPP and served as Co-Chair of the MA DPU appointed Energy Storage Interconnection Review Group (ESIRG).
Maggie Clancy - Executive Vice President - EV Fleet
Maggie co-leads the North American EV fleet business. She has spent the past 6 years in leadership positions, taking on commercial and customer-centric roles for organisations such as National Express and Levo Mobility where she served as Chief Commercial Officer.
Walter Watson Executive Vice President - EV Fleet
Walter co-leads the North American EV Fleet business. He brings 20 years experience in leadership positions including operations, finance, procurement, fleet and asset management, and commercial development at Union Pacific Railroad, National Express, and Levo Mobility.
Will Lyddane - Technical Sales Manager
Will brings experience designing and managing successful EV charging infrastructure projects for fleet operators throughout the US. His focuses on providing technical solutions, pricing estimates and industry insights to support our customers through their electrification journey.
Angela Shuck - Grant Manager
Angela brings 20+ years of experience and success in the grants and funding space. She works closely with our customers finding relevant funding programs and creating strategies to accomplish fleet electrification goals.
Zenobe project manager discusses Zenobe software with Cardiff bus operator

What’s it like working for Zenobē North America?

“Zenobē’s ethos is built around a bit of perpetual curiosity, a desire to really ‘solve’ problems at their root cause. This is apparent from the top to the bottom of the entire organization. Since joining the team, I’ve seen first-hand the talent Zenobē has and recruits, it’s infectious, collaborative, and energizing. This work may not be for the faint of heart, but all who have a strong desire to, ‘partner’, ‘solve’, and ‘build’ will find refuge here!”



Walter Watson. Executive Vice President Partnerships and Operations – Fleet, US


Smart fleet electrification starts with battery management​

Whether you’re just beginning your fleet electrification journey or it’s well underway, this guide will help you achieve the best outcomes from your fleet’s batteries. Learn: 

  • What battery degradation is 
  • How it affects fleet batteries 
  • How you can reduce your battery risk 
  • How to benefit from your batteries’ second lives 
  • How battery-as-a-service works 

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Peter Smith

Head of Product

Pete leads Zenobē’s growing team of Product specialists across all areas of the business. His team oversee our R&D as well as product development in both hardware and software.


He has been working in the European E-Mobility sector from over ten years, specialising in the design, build and delivery of software systems for EV Charging.