Electric Vehicle Fleets

Zenobē provides a full turnkey end to end service fleet electrification solution, solving bus and fleet operators’ biggest challenges: charging infrastructure, access to power, vehicle funding and battery performance.

Zenobē is helping the UK to achieve net zero by 2050. By making EV fleets affordable now we are dramatically improving the air quality of our towns and cities.


We partner with local authorities as well as bus and fleet operators to provide innovative solutions that not only store and use energy more wisely but more cost effectively too.

We provide fleet operators with both mobile and stationary batteries that take power from the grid when it’s least expensive and then use this energy to power the buses efficiently whilst not putting any strain on the grid. This is alongside our comprehensive end-to-end energy management service which delivers stand alone components to suit individual customer needs without any upfront costs.



We pride ourselves on our partnerships whilst flexibility is key not only to our innovative energy solutions but also how we help our customers to finance them.

Our custom solutions don’t require upfront costs and once our solutions have been implemented we ensure there’s always sufficient power supply by installing a smart charging infrastructure while financing the batteries on the buses. We aim to give businesses  flexibility by giving you the option of a an end-to-end solution paid for either by a fee per mile, per kilometre or on a fixed monthly charge.



The Zenobe Management Platform, our proprietary software solution was developed specifically with the needs of the fleet operators in mind. This way operators have access to all the information they need to manage their fleets from a single custom platform. And this means operators can monitor charge levels, mileage, driver performance and many other metrics to give them total control.



The benefits of Zenobe solutions:

  • Fully managed turnkey solution
  • No upfront capital requirement
  • No technology and operational risk
  • Monthly fixed payments
  • Automated trouble-free service and maintenance
  • Real time monitoring of all assets
  • Access to proprietary software to optimise performance

Abellio London Bus Depot

Zenobe provided financing and is operating a range of cost reducing and environmentally friendly solutions for bus operator Abellio in London.

The Challenge

Abellio London planned to deploy 34 electric buses from their Walworth depot for TfL routes C10 (Canada Water to Victoria Station) and P5 (Patmore Estate to Elephant and Castle) but required battery financing and charging infrastructure services. Abellio’s current grid import capacity at their Walworth depot restricted the number of buses that could be charged at once. Additional space constraints also required any charging solution to be compact

Abellio needed a solution that could charge their electric buses quickly overnight and ready to go every morning.

Furthermore, Abellio needed a flexible charging solution to accommodate further fleet electrification at depot

Zenobe financed all 34 batteries on the bus through a managed service, guaranteeing that route mileage requirements are met throughout the duration of the contract.

The Solution

Zenobe installed a stationary battery to support the grid when charging electric buses at peak periods using Zenobe’s bespoke software system.

This stationary battery will provide services to National Grid during the day, generating additional income, which in turn will reduce fees for Abellio.

Additionally, Zenobe financed all 34 batteries on the bus through a managed service, guaranteeing that route mileage requirements are met throughout the duration of the contract.

  • Zenobe conducted a detailed study of mileages, energy efficiency for vehicle – route combination to determine grid and storage requirements
Charging Infrastructure
  • Multiple DC chargers with ability to charge vehicles at >80kW
  • Simple plug-and-play solution that is technology neutral. The bus operator plugs in their electric vehicle and Zenobe takes care of smart charging to guarantee a full charge everyday.
  • Modular and move-able, quick to install
  • Connected Zenobē proprietary dispatch and monitoring software
  • Can be increased in size as Abellio decides to electrify more routes in the future or introduce more e-buses at the depot

In numbers


Amount of CO2 saved from entering the atmosphere


Amount of NOX saved from entering the atmosphere


Equivalent number of trees

Key results

  • End-to-end solution
  • Lower upfront and operating costs
  • Reduced emissions
  • Flexibility for the future
  • Decreased noise pollution