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Electric Fleets

We help operators to electrify their fleets and minimise the lifetime costs of their electric vehicles and charging infrastructure.

We minimise the lifetime costs of electrification

We are market leaders in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Each operator we have worked with has their own starting point and fleet requirements. We work closely with our customers to understand their situation and how we can help.

We focus on minimising electric fleet lifetime costs. We want to make the environmentally sustainable financially sustainable.

Zenobe project manager working with contractor on cabling

Power procurement

Many of our customers start with significant grid constraints – they do not have access to the power they need to run their services.


We work with them to understand their requirements and to see if, using our charging software or on site battery storage, we can minimise the ‘peak power’ required. If this isn’t enough, we secure a bigger connection for the best price.

Designing and delivering flexible charging infrastructure

We design charging infrastructure to fit the needs of each depot and work with a wide range of charging manufacturers. We understand that most operators will take a phased approach to electrification and so we like to future-proof our infrastructure designs, avoiding surprises in future phases.
Charging infrastructure at Cardiff bus depot
Zenobe project manager discusses bus and battery maintenance with a depot engineer

Minimising upfront costs

The upfront capital required to purchase charging infrastructure and electric vehicles is significant, as are the costs of replacement batteries – so we offer finance. We can provide competitive financing for charging infrastructure and for buses, coaches, minibuses and trucks over a range of contract lengths.


When we replace a battery in a Zenobē vehicle, we go on to refurbish and reuse it in second-life commercial applications. Value from these projects is passed back to the first customer, making our day one price more competitive.

Minimising operational costs

In a volatile energy market, we help our customers keep the operational costs of their fleet down with bespoke power purchase agreements (PPAs) and award-winning smart-charging software that minimises energy costs.


Then, a combination of operator training and desktop software analysis enables us to increase overall operational efficiency.

Zenobe project manager discusses Zenobe software with Cardiff bus operator
Fleet operator at Cardiff Bus depot with his electric bus fleet

Electric transport as a service (ETaaS)

Now fleet operators can also enjoy the benefits of the ‘as a service’ model.


With ETaaS we’re able to finance and manage complete solutions including new vehicles, battery replacement, charging and grid infrastructure, depot-based second-life battery systems, smart charging software, spare parts, and full operational support. All for a monthly fee.

Buses arriving to be charged by Zenobe infrastructure at Cardiff bus depot

I want to electrify my fleet - where do I start?

Start by reading our guide to electric vehicle batteries and how to manage their performance. A must for fleet operators wanting to understand two of the key considerations when switching to battery electric vehicles.

Case Studies / Australia

Australia's largest electrified bus depot

Zenobē worked with Transgrid to develop a ‘next generation’ electric bus depot in the Sydney (Australia) suburb of Leichhardt that integrates electric vehicles, chargers, solar generation and batteries with the electricity grid. At 40 buses it is the biggest electric fleet in Australia
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Case Studies / United Kingdom

Electrifying Arriva's Brixton Tramshed

Zenobē helped Arriva transform their historic Brixton Tramshed (London) depot for electric bus charging, providing solutions to challenges including space constraints, high grid upgrade costs and financing for onboard battery replacement.
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Case Studies / United Kingdom

Electric Transport as a Service (ETaaS) for National Express

ETaaS provides reliability and flexibility for the operator, removing the hassle of owning the electric vehicle fleet and allowing them to focus on customer experience. The Coventry site will include onsite battery storage using recycled bus battery cells.
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Peter Smith

Head of Product

Pete leads Zenobē’s growing team of Product specialists across all areas of the business. His team oversee our R&D as well as product development in both hardware and software.


He has been working in the European E-Mobility sector from over ten years, specialising in the design, build and delivery of software systems for EV Charging.