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Zenobē Powerskid is jewel in The Crown of Netflix production

Netflix’s epic royal drama, The Crown is one of the largest scale productions by the streaming giant. In March 2023, filming of the sixth and final instalment of the series was made significantly easier and more energy efficient thanks to a collaboration between Zenobē and its second life battery solution and E-Vis Energy, a clean energy solutions provider to the film, TV and events sector.  

The project took place on location in England with one Zenobē Powerskid being placed on the production set to power lighting during filming. The Powerskid, a portable power source made from former electric vehicle batteries, was used in two ways: on one site it replaced a 150kVa diesel generator, then on a second site it was used in a hybrid system, with a 250kVa generator.


The Challenge

The primary challenge faced on the production set was the over reliance on traditional diesel generators for powering set lighting. Generators consume a significant amount of costly diesel and contribute to noise pollution and emissions.


Therefore, the challenge was to find and implement an alternative solution that could tackle these issues while ensuring a reliable power supply was maintained for the production set.


The Solution

Zenobē provided a Powerskid, a clean, portable power solution, for the production set. The Powerskid delivered two key purposes during filming:

Case 1

On the first set, the Powerskid replaced a 150kVa generator powering the lighting and trickle charging from a small grid supply. This meant there was no need for a traditional generator, eliminating diesel consumption and emissions. Additionally, the Powerskid is completely silent when in operation, a welcome feature on film sets when silence is required.

Case 2

The Powerskid was then moved to a second set, where it was linked with a 250kVa generator. This hybrid configuration allows the traditional generators to run far more efficiently. Previously, the generator would have run constantly throughout the filming schedule, even when little or no power was being used. Instead, the Powerskid integration provided a significant reduction in generator runtime and further decreased fuel consumption for the production.

In numbers

707 litres

of diesel saved


of CO2 emissions saved



Key Results

Using the Powerskid, both as a replacement for the generator and in the hybrid system, resulted in substantial fuel savings. Its integration into the production set significantly reduced the overall carbon emissions and noise pollution associated with traditional generators.


The Powerskid saved 707 litres of diesel/bio-diesel and avoided 1,908kg of CO2[1] emissions saved from entering the atmosphere.


The integration of the portable second life battery into the production delivered on four key areas for E-Vis and the production:

  1. Reduced fuel consumption: Whether replacing the traditional generator or combining with one in a hybrid system, the Powerskid achieved notable fuel savings.
  2. Lower carbon emissions: Using the Powerskid meant a reduction in generator runtime, which contributed to a significant decrease in carbon emissions. This aligns with the production’s sustainability goals and helped to create a cleaner and more environmentally friendly set.
  3. Noise reduction: Compared to conventional generators, the Powerskid offers quieter operation, reducing noise pollution on the production set. This improvement created a more pleasant working environment for the crew and enhanced overall productivity.
  4. Flexibility: Using one Powerskid in two different ways demonstrated the flexibility of the Powerskid. The same unit could be moved from one set to another and reconfigured, rather than having to be swapped out for a different type.
[1] Calculated from Michelin CO2 calculator 


Working with Zenobē

“We worked closely with the lighting department to design a system where the battery could eliminate as much generator use as possible, whilst maintaining a stable power supply.”


“A bonus advantage in a hybrid situation is that there are two power sources where one can act as a UPS (uninterrupted power source). Working with the Powerskid has proven to be incredibly versatile in its use cases and its application on The Crown demonstrated this.” – Dom Aronin, E-Vis Energy



This collaboration between Zenobē and E-Vis Energy on The Crown successfully addressed the challenge of powering the rural location of the production set, while delivering on key environmental and sustainability targets including the reduction of fuel consumption, carbon emissions, and noise pollution.


Zenobē is certified as a sustainable supplier by albert, the industry leading body that encourages the TV and film production industry to reduce waste and its carbon footprint.

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