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Zenobē x Extreme E: a second-life battery to power the paddock operations

Extreme E is the first sport built out of concern for the climate crisis. A series of electric vehicle races around the world highlighting remote environments threatened by climate change and the solutions that can be found when seeking to protect our planet’s future.


Zenobē is proud to be the Official Energy Storage Supplier for the first season of Extreme E by providing a second-life battery to power the race’s paddock operations. Together, we’re showcasing the performance of electric vehicles, the potential of battery storage systems and the thrilling sports action that can still be enjoyed in our net-zero future.


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Powering the paddock

We’re partnering with Extreme E by providing a 120 kWh second-life battery, reborn, he’s also known as Björn. Previously used to power a bus in Stockholm, Björn brought clean air to the heart of the city. In his second life, Björn will use his untapped capacity to power the race’s paddock operations, electrifying garages and energising the broadcast infrastructure.

From the Desert X Prix in Saudi Arabia to the Valley X Prix in Phoenix, USA, our battery will help Extreme E to save roughly 15 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Björn’s been on an exciting journey around the world so far, with more adventures to come:

Desert X Prix: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 17-18 February 2024 

Round 2+3 Prix: Europe, 13-14 July 2024 

Island X Prix: Sardinia, Italy, 14-15 and 21-22 September 2024

Valley X Prix: Phoenix, USA, 23-24 November 2024

Touring the world on the Extreme E ship ‘St Helena’, our partnership is a high-profile demonstration of how batteries can operate in remote or challenging locations. An ambitious statement about the use of clean, off-grid power.

Steven Meersman, Co-Founder and Director at Zenobē:

“At Zenobē we are dedicated to advancing battery application with a particular focus on what happens to EV batteries at the end of their lives on vehicles. Our growing second-life battery operations solve this issue, as we reuse batteries from our electric fleets across Europe and close the loop.

“As the world continues to drive towards its net-zero goal, Zenobē is committed to leading the charge towards a circular economy, embracing second-life battery technology and championing its vast capabilities.”

A circular economy for batteries

At Zenobē, we recognise that the path to net zero isn’t straight, it’s circular. Electric vehicle batteries degrade over time until they are unable to power an engine. But their life doesn’t end there. By redeploying these batteries to provide stationary and portable energy storage solutions, the loop can be closed and vital materials, carbon and value saved.

We’re leading the transition to net zero and the reuse of batteries is just one solution in our push for a circular battery economy:


RENEW: Our batteries store clean power from solar panels and wind turbines


RECHARGE: Connected to the grid, our batteries balance supply and demand, circulating renewable power


REDUCE: We reduce costs, air pollution and carbon emissions by financing, building and managing battery systems, their infrastructure, vehicles and software


REUSE: Refurbished batteries are given a second life


RECYCLE: the majority of the materials can be extracted to use in the next generation of battery manufacturing


We’re pioneering a way for a circular battery economy: find out more.


To learn more about Extreme E, visit extreme-e.com

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