Stagecoach Park and Ride

Zenobe provided the battery charging infrastructure for nine electric buses for bus operator Stagecoach in Guildford, UK.

Zenobe provided the battery charging infrastructure for nine electric buses for bus operator Stagecoach in Guildford, UK.

The Challenge

Bus operator Stagecoach, in partnership with Surrey County Council, unveiled plans for their first fleet of all electric buses as part of the company’s ongoing efforts to improve air quality for the city of Guildford.

However, the existing grid connection at Stagecoach’s Guildford depot faced capacity issues that threatened the viability of the planned fleet electrification project. A traditional grid upgrade needed to charge this new electric fleet would take over 12 months to complete and cost an estimated £2-3 million.

Stagecoach also indicated it was likely to move its operating centre in the near future, further reducing the attractiveness of a long and expensive traditional grid upgrade

The Solution

In a first of its kind solution, Zenobe supplied a stationary battery on site which incorporated charging infrastructure and installed a custom management software system in January 2019.

Zenobe’s charging infrastructure and software system was installed in six weeks with minimal disruption to operations. Additionally, Zenobe’s solution is highly mobile should Stagecoach seek to relocate its operations.

The total cost of Zenobe’s solution was substantially less expensive than a traditional grid upgrade, saving Stagecoach around 80% of the predicted costs. Furthermore, the project’s cost is paid over the seven year life of the contract thereby eliminating high upfront capital costs.

Stagecoach also benefited from a share of the additional income generated by Zenobe from utilising the battery to provide services to National Grid whilst not charging the buses.

In numbers

0.5 MW

Stationary battery

80 kW

AC overnight charger


Enviro200EV electric vehicles, single door

324 kWh

Single deck bus battery

150 miles

Bus route daily range

Key Points


  • Zenobe conducted a detailed study of mileages, energy efficiency for vehicle – route combination to determine grid and storage requirements

Charging Infrastructure

  • Zenobe utilised AC chargers, (installs can be done with DC or mixed DC / AC chargers)
  • Simple plug-and-play solution that is technology neutral. The bus operator plugs in their electric vehicle and Zenobe takes care of smart charging to guarantee a full charge everyday.


  • Modular and move-able, quick to install
  • Connected Zenobē proprietary dispatch and monitoring software