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National Express Yardley Wood

Zenobē uses a battery energy storage system (BESS) to overcome restricted grid capacity at National Express’ Yardley Wood depot, Birmingham.


The Challenge

National Express needed to deploy 19 e-buses at its Yardley Wood Garage for route 6. At the depot, grid import capacity restricted the number of buses that could be charged and space constraints required compact charging solutions.


National Express wanted to limit upfront costs and ensure the upgrades would support further fleet electrification both in the Yardley Wood depot and nationwide.


The Solution

With grid upgrades being extremely expensive, Zenobē installed a battery (BESS). During the day the battery provides services to National Grid and generates additional income for National Express. During the night it discharges, supporting the grid connection during peak periods and ensuring a fully charged fleet.


Importantly, the battery can support the depot’s power requirements and reduce costs whilst only taking up an area equivalent to two car parking spaces. As well as providing the BESS and charging infrastructure, Zenobē has financed all 19 bus batteries for National Express, thereby removing all battery related technology risk.


The Zenobē solution at Yardley wood is designed to accommodate future EV expansion and has provided a blueprint for National Express’ other depots. Zenobē has made electrification both environmentally and economically sustainable for National Express.

In numbers

tonnes CO2 saved from entering the atmosphere per year
kg of NOx saved from entering the atmosphere per year


Key milestones

  • Installation of 667kWh of battery storage and smart charging strategy to bus charging and generate additional income
  • Innovative OPEX financing; Zenobē financed 19 e-bus batteries and the charging infrastructure, removing the technology risk for National Express
  • Created a template for future National Express depot electrification projects

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Peter Smith

Head of Product

Pete leads Zenobē’s growing team of Product specialists across all areas of the business. His team oversee our R&D as well as product development in both hardware and software.


He has been working in the European E-Mobility sector from over ten years, specialising in the design, build and delivery of software systems for EV Charging.