We set up Zenobe to make a big difference to the environment and local communities

Over 15 years, we shall remove more than

135,000 tonnes*

of CO2 from the earth’s atmosphere

It is the equivalent of planting

19,285 trees

*CO2 savings generated by our 90 electric buses, excludes all environmental benefits of our standalone sites.

Just add batteries

In this financial year…

We’ve invested more than

£25 million

this financial year in EV infrastructure funding for transport operators and local authorities…

Helping bus operators to avoid more than

50 million

litres of diesel consumption over the lifetime of…

c. 100

emission-free buses

…while enabling communities across the UK to connect with more than

75,000 miles

per week.

In 2019, we became entirely carbon neutral, as certified by the Carbon Footprint Standard.

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