Co-Founder Steven Meersman in Current News

Our Co-Founder Steven Meersman contributed to a feature piece in Current News detailing the importance of batteries to manage electricity price fluctuations and decarbonise transport.

Zenobe featured on 133 broadcast stations during COP26

Steven talked about the need for action to reduce CO2 and inner-city air pollution by replacing diesel bus fleets for electric zero emissions buses.

Co-Founder James Basden writes for Energy Storage News during COP26

During COP26 James Basden wrote a piece for Energy Storage News about the importance of battery storage in the energy transition.

Zenobē’s James Basden has letter to editor featured in The Independent

The article discusses the need for grid-scale battery storage to make this pledge a reality.

Zenobē Co-Founder James Basden talks to Bloomberg Green

Here, he explains the flexibility that battery storage provides to the electricity network.

Zenobē’s letter to editor featured in The Lancashire Telegraph

The rise in UK gas prices led to widespread discussion about the role of renewables in the energy system and problems with their intermittency.

Current News talks to Zenobē Co-Founder James Basden

From Zenobē’s transport and power solutions, to the challenges of greening the transport sector and much more.

Scotland’s first transmission-connected battery by Zenobē

In the year that Scotland hosts COP26, the project will be its first transmission-connected battery directly easing grid constraints, helping to stabilise the system and greater renewable adoption.

Zenobē’s project in Wishaw featured in The Scotsman

The project will see the installation of one of Scotland’s largest battery storage projects.

Zenobē announces Europe’s biggest battery with 100MW battery project, Capenhurst

The project will be the world's first battery to absorb reactive power directly from the grid, helping stabilise the system and enable further adoption of renewable power sources.

Zenobē Energy, Open Energi and Erova Energy, launch UK’s first fully automated energy optimisation and trading system

Zenobe Energy, Open Energi and Erova Energy, launch UK’s first fully automated energy optimisation and trading system at energy storage site

EDF and Zenobē announce battery trading deal

EDF and Zenobē announce battery trading deal.

Giant battery will power Preston plant with homegrown solar energy

Giant rechargeable batteries have been installed in a Preston treatment works to help power the plant with its own homegrown solar energy.

Zenobē awarded first long-term reactive power contracts by National Grid

In a energy industry first, Zenobē Energy has been awarded a long-term reactive power contract by National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO).

Zenobē batteries to provide reactive power services to UK electric grid

Zenobē batteries are to be used for reactive power services for the UK grid as part of a ‘world-first’ project to create a new reactive power market for distributed energy resources (DERs).

Zenobē Energy partners with United Utilities to bring largest battery to UK water industry

Zenobē Energy, the leading UK owner and operator of battery storage, today announces its partnership with United Utilities, the UK’s largest listed water company

UK’s ancillary services dispatched by web-based platform for first time

UK transmission network operator National Grid used a new web-based platform by Zto dispatch ancillary services using battery storage