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Working as a woman in delivery: an interview with Doaa Alansi


Hi Doaa. Let’s start with the basic questions: Who are you? And what is your job at Zenobē?

My name is Doaa Alansi and I’m a Project Manager helping to deliver Zenobē’s Network Infrastructure projects. My role involves managing the compliance process for our grid-connected sites. Basically, there is a set of technical requirements called the Grid Code that all our battery storage projects must meet to connect to and use the National Electricity Transmission System. I focus on the construction phase of our projects, ensuring we achieve Grid Code compliance by coordinating with internal teams to improve working processes, reporting and project and document controls and ensuring our assets are correctly registered.


Is working in the renewable energy industry what you always wanted to do?

Yes, it is. I started focusing on Renewable Energy when I was doing my university degree in Oil & Gas Management. I had a big dream which was to improve the electricity network and give more people access to electricity in Yemen, where I am from originally. I believe in a sustainable green future; I began my journey with an extremely rewarding role within the solar energy sector, and today I am part of a company that enables the growth of renewables.


How did you hear about this role? And why did you decide to apply for it?

I heard about my current position through a friend who is now my colleague at Zenobē. I was ready for a new challenge and Zenobē was already a reputable company with promising technologies. I pictured a great future I’d have with the company, and I was very pleased to join the Zenobē family.


What do you like about working at Zenobē?

I like the diversity of my team. We are a group of people from different backgrounds and with unique experiences and talents. The team works well together when developing and delivering projects, and we all learn something from each other.

Supporting the Network Infrastructure team also allows me to work closely with the wider Zenobē team. This enriches my daily work – one day I might be coordinating with the Commercial Analytics team to register our assets for grid services, another day I might be working with the Operations and Product teams to ensure we have correct documentation on the performance of our batteries.


What’s your take on the gender split in your areas of expertise? And has your impression changed since starting at Zenobē?

It’s a well-known fact that the number of men exceeds the number of women within the field of engineering and construction – for many different reasons. There’s no doubt that there are many women who are equally experienced and capable as men within every industry, and I would love to see more women stepping up and becoming industry leaders.

Zenobē recognises that and believes in empowering women: that’s why I feel valued and I believe that Zenobē will be one of the leading companies in the world due to its vision, goals, values and culture. I respect the support from my colleagues, and I love that we always work together as a team.


Do you have any advice for women who also want to start their careers in construction and/or delivery roles?

Certainly, my advice for women would be to believe in themselves, focus on their end goal and empower each other. Before joining a new company, ensure that it has clear growth pathways and take advantage of every opportunity to learn.

Women in energy, engineering and construction have the responsibility to encourage other women’s involvement in the industry too – we can change it for the better.

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He has been working in the European E-Mobility sector from over ten years, specialising in the design, build and delivery of software systems for EV Charging.