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Financing Electric HGVs - Zenobē at Microlise Transport Conference 2024

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As we look ahead to Microlise Transport Conference 2024, we’re sharing a preview of the key topics Ian Dennis, Director Business Development for Truck and Commercial Fleets will share in his address, Financing Electric HGVson the event’s Innovation Zone stage.

Ian will explain why a shift to a long-term, full life cycle view of an electric vehicle, including the battery and charging infrastructure, will help HGV, truck and commercial vehicle operators with the transition to electric in the short term. Ian will also discuss the range of financing products, and smart fleet electrification technologies available to the market, including: 

  • Understanding the battery lifecycle and how a battery managed service, that replaces batteries when they are no longer fit to fulfil their required range, can smoothen costs over the lifetime of electric vehicles. 
  • Why considering the residual value of batteries and their utilisation in a second life, encourages a circular economy and reduces the cost of the asset in the first instance.
  • How working with a specialist lessor across both vehicles and charging infrastructure who also provides performance guarantees can spread the cost and reduce the risk of heavy fleet electrification. 
  • How designing a smart, electric depot now that’s fit for future growth, can achieve closer TCO parity between electricity and diesel and reduce overall costs. 
  • Understanding the multiple data points provided by smart charging infrastructure and electric vehicles and how these data points can be processed and optimised to achieve efficiencies and reduce costs.  

Hear from Ian Dennis on Financing Electric HGVs in the Innovation Zone at 8am on Tuesday 19th March and meet our UK Truck and Commercial Fleet team throughout the day on stand AX8. 

Not based in the UK? No problem. Get in touch with our team to learn more. 


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