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All you need to know about the Energy Bill Relief Scheme


What is the Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS) Scheme?

The EBRS is a government scheme that was announced last month (September 2022) and has been introduced to provide businesses in Great Britain with relief from the rising costs of energy bills.

The scheme came into force on 1st October and will initially be in place for 6 months (ending on 31st March 2023).


How does the scheme work?

Under the EBRS scheme a discount will be applied to the wholesale electricity element of a bill. The discount has been set at 21.1p per kWh (£211 per MWh). Suppliers will be compensated by government for the difference between the actual wholesale price and the discounted electricity price for the duration of the scheme.


Are all businesses eligible for the EBRS?

No – the scheme will only be available for businesses on an existing fixed price contract agreed on or after 1st December 2021. If you signed a fixed rate contract before 1st December you will not be eligible for support under the scheme.

Its also important to note that the 21.1p per kWh discounted rate only applies to businesses on an fixed rate electricity contract. Any Businesses on a Variable, Deemed or Out-of-Contract rate will be subject to a ‘maximum discount’ of 34.5p per kWh (£345 per MWh).


It looks like I am eligible for the scheme – so I now only pay 21.1p per kWh for my electricity?

No – eligible customers will receive a discount on the wholesale electricity element of the bill, so other non-commodity charges (transmission and distribution costs, capacity charges and other applicable costs) will still apply and will not receive any discount.


I am on a Day and Night Tariff, where I get a cheaper rate for using electricity at off-peak times, does this mean that I no longer need to worry about that?

Not quite – although the discount will apply regardless of what time you use electricity, as I mentioned above, non-commodity charges will still apply.

This is important to remember, as most transmission and distribution charges are higher during peak (Day) times, so if you are looking to reduce costs then it is still best to use energy during off-peak times.


How do I apply for the scheme?

You do not need to apply for the scheme – suppliers will automatically apply the discounts to your monthly electricity bill.


I have some more questions about the EBRS scheme, can you help me?

We have already been in contact with all of our PPA customers to explain the implications of the EBRS scheme for them and answer any questions that they may have. We will continue to keep our customers updated on any developments as more details of the scheme are confirmed.

If you are an EV Fleet Operator and would like to know how the EBRS scheme affects you then we will be glad to help. Please do get in touch is you have any questions or would like to chat with one of our experts.

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